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SalvageData is the world's only independently-owned ISO-9001 certified data recovery provider with SOC Type 3 security controls for privacy and confidentiality. SalvageData regularly works with government agencies, as a certified 8(a) GSA government contractor. In addition to specialized security measures unique to SalvageData, the company adheres to all levels of federal and local government data confidentiality and data protection requirements. The company has successfully recovered data for NASA, the U.S. Navy, the FDA, the Department of Justice, as well as countless other state and local agencies. SalvageData has the industry's leading track record, often successfully salvaging data deemed 'unrecoverable' by other data recovery companies.

SalvageData is headquatered in northern Virginia outside the Washington DC area with service and receiving locations also located in New York, Los Angeles California, and Atlanta, Georgia.

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